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Are there any rewards for delegating my Lido ETH to another user or address?

Yes, there are rewards for delegating your Lido ETH to another user or address.

When you delegate your Lido ETH, you will receive a portion of the rewards generated by the staking pool. The amount of rewards you receive depends on the amount of Lido ETH you delegate and the total amount of Lido ETH staked in the pool. Additionally, if you delegate your Lido ETH to a validator node, you may also receive additional rewards from that validator node.

The rewards for delegating your Lido ETH are paid out in both Ether (ETH) and Staked Ether (STETH). The exact ratio of STETH to ETH varies depending on the current market conditions and is determined by the protocol. Generally speaking, delegators can expect to earn around 10-20% APY in STETH and around 2-4% APY in ETH.

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