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Is there a reward for staking Lido ETH?

Yes, there is a reward for staking Lido ETH.

Stakers will receive rewards in the form of ETH and Lido tokens. The amount of rewards received depends on the amount of ETH staked, the length of time it is staked for, and the total amount of ETH staked in the network. The rewards are distributed based on a “Proof-of-Stake” system, which means that the more ETH you stake, the more rewards you will receive.

Rewards are distributed every epoch (roughly every 2 weeks) and are proportional to your stake size relative to the total stake size in the network. In addition to receiving rewards for staking Lido ETH, users can also earn additional rewards by participating in governance activities such as voting on proposals or submitting new proposals. These activities are rewarded with additional Lido tokens.

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