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What is the minimum amount of Lido ETH required to stake?

The minimum amount of Lido ETH required to stake is 0.

1 ETH. This is the minimum amount of ETH that must be staked in order to participate in the Lido Staked Ether project. The maximum amount of ETH that can be staked is currently capped at 500 ETH per user.

This cap may change over time as the project evolves and more users join the network. When staking, users will receive rewards in the form of Lido tokens (LDO). The amount of rewards received will depend on the amount of ETH staked, as well as other factors such as network fees and inflation rate.

In addition to receiving rewards, users who stake their ETH will also be able to vote on important decisions related to the project, such as protocol upgrades and new features. This allows users to have a say in how the project develops and evolves over time.

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