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Internet Computer

Internet Computer

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About Internet Computer

The Internet Computer is a blockchain-based project that seeks to create a new public infrastructure for the internet.

It is designed to provide a platform for developers to build and deploy decentralized applications (dApps) and services without the need for centralized servers or cloud computing. The project is being developed by DFINITY, a Swiss-based non-profit organization. The Internet Computer is based on a new blockchain protocol called the “Threshold Relay” which uses a novel consensus mechanism called “Proof of Stake Randomness” (PoSR).

This consensus mechanism allows for faster transaction times and higher throughput than traditional blockchains. The network also features an on-chain governance system that allows stakeholders to vote on changes to the protocol. The Internet Computer also features an innovative virtual machine called the “Internet Computer Virtual Machine” (ICVM).

This virtual machine allows developers to write code in any language and deploy it directly onto the network without having to worry about server infrastructure or cloud computing costs. This makes it easier for developers to create dApps and services that are more secure, reliable, and cost-effective than traditional web applications. Finally, the Internet Computer also includes a new cryptocurrency called “DFN” which will be used as fuel for transactions on the network.

DFN will be used as an incentive for miners who help secure the network, as well as providing access to certain features of the platform such as voting rights in governance decisions.

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