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Are there any fees associated with using or trading in Enjin Coins?

Yes, there are fees associated with using or trading in Enjin Coins.

The fees vary depending on the platform you are using to trade Enjin Coins. For example, if you are trading Enjin Coins on Binance, the fees will be 0.1% of the total transaction amount for both makers and takers.

If you are trading on KuCoin, the fees will be 0.1% for makers and 0.1% for takers as well.

If you are using an Ethereum wallet to store your Enjin Coins, there may be a small fee associated with transferring your coins from one wallet to another. This fee is usually very small and is determined by the network congestion at the time of transfer. Finally, if you are using an exchange to purchase Enjin Coins with fiat currency (e.

g., USD), there may also be a fee associated with this transaction as well. This fee will vary depending on the exchange and payment method used but is typically around 3-5%.

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