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Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet

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About Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet Token (TWT) is a cryptocurrency token built on the Ethereum blockchain.

It is the native token of Trust Wallet, a mobile wallet for Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. The wallet was acquired by Binance in 2018 and has since become the official wallet of the exchange. The main purpose of TWT is to provide users with access to exclusive features within the Trust Wallet app.

These features include discounts on fees, access to premium services, and more. TWT can also be used to vote on important decisions related to the development of the wallet, such as new features or changes in fees. The total supply of TWT is 1 billion tokens, with a circulating supply of 500 million tokens.

The tokens are distributed through various methods such as airdrops, staking rewards, and community initiatives. The tokens are also used for various activities within the Trust Wallet ecosystem such as loyalty programs and rewards for users who refer new customers to the platform. Overall, Trust Wallet Token is an important part of the Trust Wallet ecosystem that provides users with access to exclusive features and allows them to participate in important decisions related to its development.

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